Automated Pentest Framework for Offensive Security Experts

Sn1per Professional Version 5.0 License

Compatability Notes: Runs on Linux based Operation Systems only.

System Requirements A Debian OS (Kali Linux 2.0) with Sn1per Community Edition 5.0 installed and an active internet connection.

Sn1per Professional v5.0 - Single User License - $20

Single License

The single license permits either a single user to use the software on multiple computers or multiple users to use the software on a single computer. However, it does not allow multiple users to ever use the software on multiple computers, regardless of whether such use is concurrent.


I sent my PayPal payment already but haven't recieved a download link yet. What should I do? A download link will be provided within 24-48 hours upon receipt of payment. If you have still not received a download link after 48 hours, please contact [email protected]

Do you accept payment in Bitcoin (BTC) or other crypto currencies? We cannot accept payments via cryptocurrency at this time.

I've got an error XYZ in the 'sniper' Community Edition script. Should I contact [email protected] with the error message? Premium support via [email protected] is only offered to Sn1per Professional licenses and the script only. For all other sniper related issues, please submit an issue ticket at

Do I get free updates of Sn1per Professional if I buy a license? The current license model for Sn1per Professional is per version. If a new versions of Sn1per Professional is released, a new license for that version will need to be purchased. Sn1per Professional users can still recieve all updates to the Sn1per Community Edition (the scan component) for free however.

If I have Sn1per Professional installed, can I still apply updates from Sn1per Community Edition on Github? Yes, updating Sn1per Community Edition will not effect your Sn1per Professional installation in any way. You can still get all the benefits of the Community Edition with your Professional installation.

Is there a monthly fee to use Sn1per Professional? There are no monthly fees to use Sn1per Professional. Once you buy a Sn1per Professional license, your license will remain forever for the version purchased (ie. v5.0). However, if a new version of Sn1per Professional is released with new features, a new license for that version will need to be purchased if you would like to upgrade.