Sn1per Professional

Offensive security solutions for professionals and enterprise security teams.

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Full Stack Web GUI

Easily manage multiple Sn1per Professional instances from the web interface without ever touching the command line.

Web Application Scans

Launch web application scans via Burpsuite Professional 2.x, Arachni and Nikto.

Bootstrap 4 Host Table

Search, sort and filter for DNS, IP, title, status, server headers, WAF and open TCP/UDP ports.

Recon Links

Over 34 customized recon links and 26 unique Google search queries to find vulnerable hosts.

Continuous Scan Coverage

Schedule scans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for continuous coverage for changes.

Visual Recon

Perform visual recon against all hosts in your workspace using the Slideshow widget and thumbnails.

CSV Reporting

Export the entire host list table to CSV format which can easily be used to filter, sort and view all inventory information.

HTML5 Notepad

Store your notes in a single location to help manage your assessment and keep things organized.

Vulnerability Detection

Detect vulnerabilities and open services using OpenVAS, NMap & Metasploit.

Remote Hosting

Host multiple Sn1per instances from both internal or external networks including Docker and VPS setups (ie. AWS/Digital Ocean, etc.).

Workspace Navigator

Search, sort and manage all of your workspaces easily.

OSINT Collection

Collect online documents, meta data, email addresses and contact information automatically.

Automated Exploitation

Check for common vulnerabilities and exploit low hanging fruit automatically.

Slack Notifications

Receive Slack notifications for new scans, scan status and changes.

Detailed Host Reports

Dig deeper into each host in your workspace to get more details.

Domain Takeovers

List all DNS records vulnerable to domain hijacking and takeover.


See Sn1per Professional in action!

Sn1per Professional v7.0 Demo


Choose a version that meets your needs.

Scan Engine
Automatically gather recon on target environments
Scan unlimited hosts
9 Scan modes to meet any pentest scenario
16+ Auto-pwn exploits
Workspace creation and storage of all scan data
Sn1per Professional v9.0 + Command Execution Add-on v2.0
Single user license / 2 weeks of email support
Self hosted solution
Secure web UI with authentication
Modular design to allow for add-on modules
Full management and control via the web UI
Compatible with remote VPS, Docker and Virtualbox/VMWare
2 weeks of email support
Single user license
No monthly service fees
Unlimited scans, 50 workspaces & 1000 hosts per workspace
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