Professional Reporting

Sn1per Professional is XeroSecurity's premium reporting addon for Sn1per. Easily get a high level view of all hosts in your workspace and dig down deeper into each for more details.

NMap HTML Reports

View full NMap results via a formatted HTML report for each host (Viewable from the detailed host reports in your workspace).


Easily perform visual recon against all hosts in your workspace using the Slideshow widget. Easily flip through all screenshots to find interesting hosts and click on the image to view the detailed host report.

Email Settings

Quickly check if the targets in your workspace are vulnerable to email spoofing via lack of SPF/DMARC/DKIM records.

Searchable Host List

Quickly filter and search for DNS, IP address, HTTP Title and Server headers, WAF detection, open TCP/UDP ports and scan modes (ie. Stealth, Nuke, Web, Bruteforce, OSINT, Portscan, etc.).

Domain Takeovers

List all CNAME records known to be vulnerable to domain hijacking and takeover.

Detailed Host Reports

Dig deeper into each host in your workspace by using the quick links from the slideshow and host lists widgets in the main report to get more details about the target.

HTML5 Notepad

Store your notes in a single location from the main report for easy reference to help keep track of your workspace.