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Scan Engine
Automatically gather recon on target environments
Scan unlimited hosts
9 Scan modes to meet any pentest scenario
16+ Auto-pwn exploits added
Workspace creation and storage of all scan data
Professional v7.0
Premium Reporting Features
Sn1per Professional v7.0
Professional reporting interface
Workspace navigator
Searchable/sortable host table
Quick commands
Task scheduler & viewer
Additional sections for OSINT, Email, Takeovers, Credentials, Vulnerabilities
HTML5 Notepad
Detailed Host Reports
Arachni & NMap HTML reports
Quick recon & OSINT links
Single user license
1 year of email support
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Professional v6.0
Mid-grade Reporting Features
Sn1per Professional v6.0
Professional reporting interface
Slideshow for all gathered screenshots
Searchable and sortable DNS, IP and open port database
Categorized host reports
Quick links to online recon tools and Google hacking queries
HTML5 Notepad
Single user license
6 months of email support
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