Sn1per Professional v7.0



Sn1per Professional version 7.0 is an automated pentest recon scanner and reporting interface for penetration testers, bug bounty researchers and enterprise security teams.

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Sn1per Professional version 7.0 is XeroSecurity’s leading edge reporting add-on for Sn1per Community Edition v7.0. Ideal for penetration testers, bug bounty researchers and enterprise security teams.


  • New workspace navigator with sortable/searchable tables and usage stats
  • New “Quick Commands” section for quick copy/paste Sn1per commands
  • New “Scan Tasks” section to view all Sn1per scan times/dates
  • New “Scheduled Tasks” section to view all Sn1per scheduled scan tasks
  • New sortable/searchable Bootstrap 4 host list table with pagination, screenshots and full web and network meta data
  • New scan tags added for “Vulnerable”, “Takeover”, “New”, “Shelled”, “Cracked”, “Updated”, “Live”
  • Added collapsible functional sections to main report for more streamlined viewing (ie. Quick Commands, Scan Tasks, Scheduled Scans, OSINT, Takeovers, etc.)
  • Added quick links to view scan tasks, unique IP’s, live hosts, like web hosts, subnets and discovered IP’s to top menu
  • New “OSINT” section to view OSINT data for the workspace
  • New “Credentials” section to view all successful brute force credentials
  • New “Vulnerabilities” section to view all vulnerabilities from various tools for the entire workspace
  • Improved wide-screen visibility of reports
  • Added quick links to view loot folders and files
  • Added command to regenerate all detailed host reports in a workspace ‘sniper –reimportall’ command
  • Improved report generation performance via ‘sniper –reimport’ command for differential report generation
  • 100% responsive web UI resizes to fit any resolution or device.
  • Scan progress bar indicates overall scan status to ensure 100% scan coverage of the entire workspace.
  • Scan dashboard gives high level overview of workspace, including downloadable lists to all domains, scanned targets and unscanned targets. These can be easily referenced and used to scan the entire attack surface using Sn1per.
  • Reports menu includes links to all Sn1per console reports which can be downloaded and viewed from the main report.
  • Sidebar shortcuts added to both the main Sn1per report and all detailed host reports to quickly jump to each section of the report.
  • Slideshow for all gathered screenshots
  • Improved host table allows searching for scan mode tags, IP/DNS, HTTP titles, status codes, HTTP headers, WAF detection and open ports.
  • Quick links for both the HTTP and HTTPS versions for each host in the host table.
  • Scan tags to indicate which hosts has been scanned and which mode (ie. Stealth, Web, Portscan, Bruteforce, etc.) and which are new in the host table section of the report.
  • Email security section indicates any email spoofing vulnerabilities for the workspace.
  • Takeovers security section indicates any potential domain takeovers or hijacking vulnerabilities.
  • HTML5 notepad saves automatically to the main report elevating the need to save your work (keep in mind, it uses the local browser cache, so switching browsers or clearing your browser cache will remove your notes!).
  • Detailed host reports are now separate from the main report and include the following features:
    • Updated recon and google dork links
    • 34 customized recon links.
    • 26 customized Google dork links.
    • HTTP/HTTPS quick links.
    • Reports menu to download the full HTML console reports for each host.
    • Added Arachni HTML report imports for all “webscan” mode scans
    • Sidebar quick links to jump to each section of the report.
    • HTTP/HTTPS screenshots
    • DNS
    • Sub-domains
    • Open ports
      • Links to full NMap HTML host reports.
    • Fingerprint info
    • HTTP headers
    • Web files
      • Links to download all discovered web files for each host
    • Web URL’s
      • Links to download all discovered URL’s for each host
    • SSL/TLS info
    • New Web Application Scans
    • New Credentials
    • New Vulnerabilities
  • Single user license
  • Professional technical support


Legal Agreement and Disclaimer

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