Sn1per Community Edition v7.0 Released!

We’re excited to announce the release of Sn1per Community Edition v7.0. Version 7 features brand new scan modes and command switches to help make life easier and offers more versatility to get the results you’re after.

New Scan Modes:

For started, we’ve introduced a new “webscan” mode which can be initiated from the command line via ‘sniper -t <target> -m webscan’ to initiate an automated Burpsuite 2.x and Arachni web application spider and full audit for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. This is now separate from the traditional ‘web’ mode scans which is now focused more on web recon than scanning for actual OWASP vulnerabilities.

Slack API Integration:

The next major change you’ll notice is the addition of a new Slack API integration which can be enabled via the ~/.sniper.conf file by setting the “SLACK_NOTIFICATIONS” setting to “1” and editing the /usr/share/sniper/bin/ script with your Slack API token ( This allows notification via your own private Slack channel of new scan tasks and scan completion.

Scheduled Scans:

In addition to the new scan modes and integrations, we’ve also added the ability to easily schedule Sn1per scans direct from the command line. To initialize scheduled scans, you first need to edit your crontab via the ‘crontab -e’ command as ‘root’ and add the following to your crontab:

# m h dom mon dow command
0 0 * * * find /usr/share/sniper/loot/workspace/ -type f -name “” -exec bash {} \;
0 0 * * 0 find /usr/share/sniper/loot/workspace/ -type f -name “” -exec bash {} \;
0 0 1 * * find /usr/share/sniper/loot/workspace/ -type f -name “” -exec bash {} \;

After your crontab is setup properly, you can simply run the ‘sniper -w <workspace_alias> -s daily|weekly|monthly’ command to edit the workspace’s scheduled commands. Just add the full sniper commands you want to run on a schedule (ie. ‘sniper -t -w’) and save. That’s it!

New Exploits:

Sn1per v7.0 also features new exploits and auxiliary modules for Apache Axis web servers which may land a full automatic Meterpreter shell if you’re lucky!

Subnet Retrieval:

We also added automatic subnet retrieval based on the targets existing IP space and known/registered ASN’s. This can help automate reverse IP lookups and virtual hosts or simply to scan a targets existing/known IP space.

As a quick tip, you can easily scan each subnet using sniper via the ‘sniper -m discover -t <subnet> -w <workspace>’ command 😉

There are many more changes that were added, but these are the main ones. Keep an eye out for the next release of Sn1per Professional which will leverage of the latest improvements in the Community Edition later this month!

Change Log:

  • v7.0 – Added “webscan” mode for automated Burpsuite 2.x and Arachni web application scans only
  • v7.0 – Added Slack API notifications (Disabled by default..check ~/.sniper.conf)
  • v7.0 – Added new command switch to add daily, weekly or monthly sniper scheduled scans… check README
  • v7.0 – Added scheduled scan tasks command switch (Needs additional configuration to setup… check README)
  • v7.0 – Added Axis2 authenticated deployer MSF exploit
  • v7.0 – Added Axis2 login brute force module
  • v7.0 – Added subjack tool to check for subdomain hijacking
  • v7.0 – Added sorted IP lists under $LOOT_DIR/ips/ips-all-sorted.txt
  • v7.0 – Added subnet retrieval for all ‘recon’ mode scans under $LOOT_DIR/nmap/subnets-$TARGET.txt
  • v7.0 – Added and disabled cutycapt from default config
  • v7.0 – Added Gobuster (Disabled by default..check ~/.sniper.conf)
  • v7.0 – Fixed issue with SubOver not working due to bad path
  • v7.0 – Fixed issue with flyover mode running twice per scan

Update Instructions:

To update to version 7.0, simply run the ‘sniper -u’ command or clone the github repo (git clone and run the file.

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