Sn1per Professional Fuzzer Add-on Released!

Automatically fuzz for OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities and discover hidden web content with the Fuzzer Add-on for Sn1per Professional! The new add-on comes with a host of options that can be easily configured from the Sn1per web UI and launched via the Command Execution Add-on. The result is a powerful combination of dynamic scanning options combined with professional reporting to help you quickly and easily find vulnerabilities in your environment.


  • Automatically fuzz dynamic URL’s for OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities.
  • Discover hidden content in a target environment.
  • Spider all URL’s within a target environment.
  • Single & built-in multi target selections.
  • Customized wordlist selections and options via the GUI.
  • HTML and text based reports for all tools (ie. Black Widow, InjectX, SQLMap, Arachni, FFuf, Dirsearch, Gobuster)
  • Reporting of all output via the Command Execution Add-on.


Sn1per Professional Fuzzer Add-on GUI
Sn1per Professional Fuzzer Add-on HTML Reports
Sn1per Professional Fuzzer Add-on InjectX Fuzzer
Sn1per Professional Fuzzer Add-on Gobuster Hidden Web Content


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