Sn1per Professional Port Scanner Add-on Released!

Leverage the full power of NMap with the new “Port Scanner Add-on” for Sn1per Professional. Easily customize each NMap scan to meet your needs! Select from over 40+ hand picked scan profiles or select and run any NMap script from the drop-down menu easily. Select the multi-target list selection to scan all hosts in your workspace with a single click. Each scan produces a high quality HTML report for easy viewing and organization of all data. You can also update your Sn1per Professional port and NMap host data by selecting the “Update” checkbox. Getting the most out of NMap has never been easier or more powerful!


  • Easy to use GUI for NMap to select common scan profiles, scripts and additional options
  • Single target selection (IP/hostname/domain), dashed IP format ( or subnet CIDR (
  • Multi-target list selection (ie. Live web hosts, live hosts, all targets, etc.)
  • 40+ preset NMap scan profiles (ie. Top port profiles, levels of intrusiveness, service scans, OS detection + more!)
  • NMap script selection drop-down menu
  • Automatic text and HTML report generation from all scans
  • Update Sn1per workspace and host details with the latest NMap scan data
  • Reporting of all console output via the Command Execution Add-on


Port Scanner Add-on
Port Scanner Add-on
Port Scanner Add-on


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As always, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions!

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